5 Great Reasons To Use Brain.fm

5 Reasons to Use Brain.fm

It’s no secret that the world that most of us live in is fast paced and hectic. With all the things we have on the go there are times when we can use a hand to focus on important work or projects. This is where a product like brain.fm comes in.

We’ve discussed in detail a review of brain.fm as well as preparing the ultimate brain.fm guide, however in short brain.fm is an app that provides a range of audios that (according to brain.fm promotional material) “block out the mental chatter and place their full attention exclusively in the activity of their choosing, whether that’s producing meaningful work, relaxing, or getting some high-quality shuteye”

The brain.fm app enables the listener to select patented audios to assist in moving into various desired brain states from a focused state through to a relaxed or even meditative state. The app is made up of non invasive audios that you can listen to through your device with headphones (recommended particularly for the focused audios) or a blue tooth speaker (can be used for the relaxation audios)

Brain.fm selection of music (via an easy to navigate app) to help you focus on an important project or assignment, also provides audios to help you relax or chill out or if you are struggling with sleep or are looking meditate brain.fm offers guided and unguided audios for this. 

Below we will go through 5 reasons to use brain.fm.  

1. Your productivity will increase using brain.fm

When you hear someone is “in the zone” you think that they are performing or even dominating at a high level or that their level of focus or attention is top shelf. That level of focus is similar to the focus you can expect when listening to brain.fm (when selecting the focus option).

Depending on the amount of time you wish to focus for the trademarked audios from brain.fm get you into a focus state and in our small sample size improved focus levels significantly. We found we could zone in easier, improve out output and efficiencies all through their simple to use app.

For those who struggle with focus or who would like a boost in their focus levels then brain.fm is a great option.

2. You will feel more relaxed using brain.fm

While getting into a focused state is one thing, the brain also needs down time and this can also be achieved through the brain.fm app. Given the increased demands on employees, the increasingly blurred work/life balance and the prevalence of tech in our lives it can be hard to switch off and give our brains some much needed down time.

Getting into a relaxed state is another benefit of brain.fm. Yes brain.fm is part of this new tech however once you’ve selected the relaxation option you can take up your favourite relaxing activity and in no time you will start to feel all the stress and tension melt away.

The audios in the relaxed option are 15 minutes in length however if you wanted to stay longer in the relaxed state you can selected a longer time frame (or unlimited) and the app will toggle between the relaxation audios during your new selected time frame.

As with the focus option above the relax option is a great way to end a long and stressful day and it’s amazing how quick the relax option in the brain.fm app works for you!

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3. Brain.fm has a meditation option

We discussed the benefits of the relaxation option of the brain.fm app above however you might wish to go further than the relaxed brain state and look into moving towards a meditative state. Most of you are familiar with the benefits of meditation and how this can be a great reducer of stress and the brain.fm app has a guided and unguided meditation option.

For those looking to delve deep into meditation then you might want to look at an alternative that offers more options (and even YouTube videos or channels) however for a simple to use option, the brain.fm meditation option is simple to use and gets results. 

4. Any potential sleep issues may be reduced by using brain.fm

We’ve discussed sleep previously and how a lack of sleep can wreak havoc on a person’s life and their productivity. As discussed we recommend that everyone use a sleep app to track their sleep to determine the quality of their nightly sleep (our recommended product is Sleep Cycle).

Once you’ve got an understanding of your sleep habits (and if work needs to be done) then you can look at options to improve your sleep. After looking at some of the steps in this article to improve your sleep it might be worth a look at using the sleep option in the brain.fm app.

The brain.fm sleep option defaults an 8 hour time frame and can be selected with a guided or unguided option. Once you link your device to a Bluetooth speaker near your bed and pillow you can select the sleep option you wish to try (guided or unguided) to see if this helps you get into a deeper better sleep.

Anyone that is looking to improve aspects of their lives should be looking at improving their sleep and the sleep option in the brain.fm app could be something that helps improve your sleep.

5. Brain.fm offers soothing sounds of nature

A lot of us feel calmer or are more relaxed when spending time in nature or listening to the sounds of nature. Whether it’s the sound of water, trees or even a thunderstorm, these sounds can have a very soothing and relaxing effect on our bodies. The brain.fm app has a wide range of nature sounds that can help you relax, get to sleep or as soothing background sounds. There are music options (such as piano, electrical and grooves), there are tree options such as the forest and rainforest options, there are several water options (including river, rain, underwater and beach) and there are thunder, wind and atmospheric sound options inside the brain.fm app.  

Given the increased demands on us these days it’s more important than ever to look after our bodies and minds. Brain.fm is a great option to help with our brains both to get into a focused state of mind or into a relaxing or meditative state of mind.

Their patented functional music gives you that extra high-performing edge when you need to give full and undivided attention on important tasks, however the brain.fm relaxation, meditation, and deep sleep modules help you fully decompress and recharge between those intense work sessions.

Brain.fm would be an excellent addition for anyone looking for help with their focus, relaxation or meditation.

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