5 Great Tips To Improve Your Mental Strength

5 Tips to Improving Your Mental Strength

Name a person who you think is mentally strong. Is it your favourite sportsperson or a successful business person that you admire? Is it a friend or a family member?

Now chances are these people weren’t born mentally strong. They became mentally strong over time. Think you can’t become mentally strong?

I’m here to tell you that you can and you can start on your journey to mental strength today by following these five simple steps:

1. Take it one day at a time! Want to achieve a goal or improve your resilience, take it one day at a time. Want to save $50 in a day? Try it for one day. If it works and you are comfortable with this try it the next day. Wanted to start a fitness goal, take it one day at a time. Do your research then complete a training session. If that was comfortable enough, do it again. Struggling with your time management, structure an ideal time management day and stick to it. If it works then do it again! Before too long you will find that you have found yourself a habit without putting yourself under too much pressure with a cumbersome deadline.

2. Start again and keep doing it: Fell off the wagon after being successful for a week? Then get back on that horse and start again. Too many people give up after one small set back. Promised yourself that you would go 30 days without drinking alcohol or eating junk food? Didn’t make it past 10 days? Then start again. If you then went the rest of the month sticking to your goal then 30 days out of 31 sticking to your goal is a fantastic effort compared to if you stopped after 9 days out of the thirty one.

3. Have an end goal in mind. Further to the above points after taking it one day at a time and not falling off the rails when the going gets tough have an end goal.

4. Reward yourself. Smaller rewards for smaller accomplishments, bigger rewards for accomplishments that you really didn’t think you could achieve.

5. Have a mentor or good support network. Its a lot easier to be successful when you have someone in your corner to help you when things get a little dicey or things don’t go your way. Even better if you can have people in your support network that have done what you want to achieve, they can help you through the tough time and give you some ideas for success from their own experiences.