Simple Ideas To Improve Your Learning

Education does not have to be expensive. There are numerous courses that are available to help you brush up on your IT skills. All you will need is a good internet connection coupled with a laptop or smartphone. The twelve online education providers listed below provide free programs and courses in virtually every technical domain.

It’s a fantastic way to seek information on a new subject with little dedication or to keep tabs on upcoming trends and innovations in your industry.

Whether you want to change your career direction, are just starting out, want to beef up your resume, or want to stay on top of technology trends, any of these twelve online education providers can assist you.

Online learning tools have entirely transformed the way we learn. These websites enable millions of people from all over the world to improve their skills, start businesses, and make positive changes in their lives.

Learning something new is always an interesting venture. The problem is that most of us are caught up in busy distractions during the day and never find the time to learn a new skill.

Worse is that some of us spend hours learning this new skill only to abandon it after a few months, wasting valuable time.

Diverse Learning

All these websites provide thousands of courses in multiple subjects. From art to literature, photography to economics, these websites are guaranteed to have a class that is relevant to your interests.

  • Coursera
  • CreativeLive
  • edX
  • Khan Academy
  • MIT’s OpenCourseware
  • Udemy


Online coaching combines the structure of coaching experiences with the ease of an online course for those looking for personal and professional advice.

  • Coach.me
  • The Muse

Life Lessons

Life, invention, happiness, the economy, the environment, and other topics are included in this section. These courses are designed to empower you, broaden your mind, and encourage you to act.

  • Daily Burn
  • HighBrow
  • Insight Timer

Online Training

These websites use e-learning methods to disseminate unique workplace skills that assist practitioners in advancing their careers.

  • OpenSesame
  • Thinkful

Practical Skills

These sites’ courses will provide you with the tools you need to tinker on your own. They’re excellent places to start if you’re looking for a new hobby or project or if you’re thinking about changing careers.

  • Codecademy
  • General Assembly
  • Lynda
  • SitePoint
  • Skillcrush
  • Skillshare
  • Treehouse
  • Udacity

Best Ways to Learn

There are many learning methods, and here are a few of the best that will undoubtedly assist you in becoming an effective learner.

Comfort Zone

Most people find that staying in their comfort zone helps them open their minds and preserve information. Many people learn and preserve information by writing notes on a piece of paper, while others learn by watching related videos and documentaries.

Finding out how you fit best will undoubtedly help you successfully retain new information and remember it for a longer period.

Learning Through Play

One should learn through play in the same way that children do. This does not imply essentially building blocks out of plastic Lego, but rather putting what you have learned into practice. If you’ve just found out about a new recipe to make quiche, the best thing to ensure you understand and recall it is to make it right away.

Sharing the Information

If you’ve discovered something, instead of passively absorbing it, pass it on to someone else.

One can understand and remember more if he/she goes over what they have learned and successfully explains the same thing to someone else using the teaching method.

According to one research, teaching someone what we, ourselves, have learned is great to preserve it in our long-term memory because it compels us to recover that information over and over in our mind.

No to Rote Learning

Many people try to memorize what they have been told word for word as if they were taking a written exam. Teachers discourage rote learning since the aim is not met by simply memorizing a few words. The main point here is to deeply comprehend and connect what you’ve learned to other things.

Today’s generation has primarily grown up with computers and is used to obtaining all necessary information with just the click of a button, which means they don’t fully understand what they’re learning.

That is exactly what rote learning is. You simply take information from somewhere and memorize it word for word, which does not help you understand anything and merely serves to memorize.

Learning Methods

Learning is all about being able to articulate what you’ve learned about a specific concept. It is the ability to form your own opinion about an event rather than just knowing the facts. We all want to learn new things at some point in our lives. Some of us have a small attention span just like that of a goldfish or do not understand clever learning techniques.

Some individuals may be more open to one kind of technique than another. A wise person will try to figure out which way of learning is best for them and improve their learning process. The learning processes listed below could be beneficial to you.

  • Visual
  • Audio/Music
  • Verbal
  • Logical
  • Social
  • Solitary
  • Physical

To support any of the above-mentioned types of learning, one must be mentally fit and healthy. For any learning method to be successful, your mind and body must be nurtured.


Whether it’s learning to cook a complex dish for a family gathering or merely sewing a button on a shirt, learning has been a haven for many people.

The best among us are those who don’t let anything stand in the way of their learning process. These individuals make it their goal in life to wake up every day and learn or at least attempt one new thing before going to bed. And these people are all around us; we are these folks.

The wisdom we acquire today will go on to help us in our careers, relationships, and daily lives. So we need to get started now.

With so many incredible resources available, there is no reason to put off learning a new skill or expanding your knowledge on a particular subject. Whether it’s for a hobby or professional development, any of the learning websites listed above will help you reach a level of education that you hadn’t even thought about reaching before, and broaden your mind without requiring a significant time or financial investment. Start a new learning adventure now.