Why The Path To Success Isn’t Always Linear

The path to success isn’t always linear. Success very rarely occurs overnight and rarely occurs linearly. In most cases
it’s nowhere near a straight line, more like three steps forward 2 (sometimes more) steps back.
However if you have been doing what you’ve been doing and don’t yet have the success that you desire look at some of
the causes for this. These could include:

You are aiming too high for your skills/talents

This doesn’t mean you can’t achieve what you want to achieve in the longer term, it might mean you need a little bit
more help, training, savings, whatever to get to your success.

You are trying too hard, sometimes you need to let it go and just focus on the process.

This means completely walking away for several hours a week or month, managing your personal time and making sure you
are recharging your batteries by doing personal hobbies and spending time with friends and family.

You are trying to do too much.

You can only do what you can only do. If you think you aren’t as efficient as you can be then work on this
however don’t necessarily compare yourself to others. For some tasks or actions then yes you can see how you perform
compared to others (i.e. if someone is setting up a niche site and writing 5,000 words a week in a similar timeframe to
you writing 1,000 words a week then yes look at this. however in general don’t compare. You don’t know how much
training someone else has had in what you are trying to do, you don’t know how fit someone is when comparing running
times, you don’t know what income others earn or investments others have when hearing how much someone has saved over
the last year. Don’t go all in at once, dip your toe into the water then assess.

Expecting success to happen straight away

There a saying about overnight success, it takes many years to happen! Depending on how big your goal is there’s every
chance it could take years to achieve. Particularly a large health or financial (or even career) these can and will
take time.